Grape Seed Extract

Is a powerful, daily antioxidant supplement that helps limit the damaging effects of free radicals in the body.


• Improve Blood Flow

• Improve Collagen and Bone Strength

• Supports the brain and aging

• Improve liver function 

Japanese Knotweed

Has hollow stems with distinct raised nodes that give it the appearance of bamboo, though it is not related. The young stems are edible as a spring vegetable, with a flavor similar to extremely sour rhubarb. In some locations, semi-cultivating Japanese knotweed for food has been used as a means of controlling knotweed populations that invade sensitive wetland areas and drive out the native vegetation.


Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate

CBD isolate provides the compound at its most pure. It's an all-natural cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, including hemp.

CBD can be extracted from the plant’s stalks and seeds in the form of CBD oil. This full-spectrum oil contains all the other compounds naturally found in the hemp plant. CBD isolate begins as hemp-derived CBD oil. Then, all of the plant’s natural compounds except for CBD are removed, leaving the CBD as a pure crystalline.

Rice Flour

• High in Beneficial Fiber.
Great Gluten-Free Option.
May Help Maintain Healthy Liver Function.
Contains Less Folate than Whole Wheat Flour.
Has Fewer Phytonutrients than Whole Grain Wheat.
Gluten-Free Curry Cauliflower Florets.

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