Have you ever heard it be said that drinking red wine is actually healthy for you? That powerful anti-oxidant found in the skins of grapes is resveratrol. Instead of having to drink hundreds of bottles of wine just to get enough resveratrol in your system, we've concentrated it into a nice, easy, alcohol-free capsule for you. And it helps with inflammation, too! Not only has resveratrol been proven as a super supplement, accredited doctors and scientists recommend it. Check out some of the links below for a deeper dive into the science behind resveratrol and its properties. 

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Recommended Reading

Lifespan: Why We Age - And Why We Don't Have To by Dr. David Sinclair

The Longevity Factor by Joseph Maroon, M.D.

The Cardiologist's Guide To Anti-Aging, Antioxidants, and Resveratrol by William Gruss, M.D.