Tips on Selecting a Supplement

Getting the right amount of nutrition can be hard. If you have to think about when the last time you had a full serving of fruit or vegetables was, it may be a sign that your body could benefit from a supplement. But when you’re shopping for online supplements or browsing your local health store, there are hundreds of products to choose from. So how do you pick one that fits your needs? And how do you know it will actually provide you with the nutrition your body craves?

At vYv, we offer a unique CBD and grape seed extract supplement. Grape seed extract contains a plant compound known as resveratrol. Both CBD and resveratrol offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, providing a powerful supplement that has a variety of natural health benefits. We know that there are hundreds of resveratrol supplements available that offer similar benefits, but we are also confident that our supplement is unique and has what it takes to make a real difference in your quality of life and wellbeing. The combination of CBD and resveratrol may support your body’s needs in a way that other supplements can’t.

Keep reading to learn more about how to select a supplement that fits your unique needs.

Choosing the Vitamins and Minerals Your Body Needs

The USDA publishes dietary guidelines that recommend daily doses for vitamins and minerals, but there are various factors that can also determine how much you need of any given nutrient, such as age, lifestyle, and environment.


As our bodies age, our nutritional needs do too. For example, the daily recommended dose of calcium for a woman in her 20s is less than the amount recommended for a woman in her 60s. Certain hormonal changes and lifestyle changes also factor into it. Therefore, the nutritional supplements you take may need to change as you get older to accommodate a change in bodily needs.


A significant factor in determining your supplement needs is your current diet. If a majority of your diet is fast-food, carbohydrates, and processed foods, you will need a much different supplement than if you eat all-natural foods, but are a vegan and don’t eat dairy or meat. In addition, certain foods may interact with and affect how other foods are processed and used in the body. For example, those who drink a lot of coffee or tea may need to increase their intake of iron. If you do take an iron supplement, it’s also important to get the proper amount of vitamin C, which aids in the absorption of iron.


There are various health factors that need to be considered when shopping for a supplement; it’s more than just selecting an immune-boosting supplement when you have a cold. Women who are pregnant may need to take certain supplements to ensure that they and their baby are getting proper nutrition. People who are taking prescription medication need to be aware of how a supplement can interact with the medication, potentially inhibiting how efficiently the medication is absorbed and its efficacy. When shopping for a supplement, it’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor about potential adverse effects and interactions.


Certain lifestyle factors, like smoking, drinking, or if you are exposed to high amounts of pollutants in the environment, can affect how well nutrients are absorbed into your body. In this case, you may want to consider a resveratrol supplement that will offer antioxidant properties.

Family History

Your family history will also play a part in deciding the type of supplement that is right for you. If you are predisposed to certain conditions or diseases, you may want a supplement that can help reduce the risk of developing that condition or disease. For example, if Alzheimer’s is in the family, you may want to take a supplement that supports brain health.

Selecting a High-Quality Supplement

After you have talked with your doctor, considered the above factors, and have decided on what type of supplement is best for you, it’s time to actually shop for the best natural supplement. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you’re shopping.

Good Manufacturing Seals

Look for a supplement that has been tested by a third-party organization. An unbiased, outside party should test the product for quality and purity, ensuring that the information provided is true and accurate.

Transparency in Labeling

The label on a supplement is meant to be eye-catching, but it should also be informative and easy to read and understand. A label should clearly list all ingredients, both active and inactive.

Quality Ingredients

When looking for a supplement, quality matters. Look for resources on the quality of the ingredients, where they came from, and avoid supplements with artificial ingredients. In addition, you can look for the bioavailability of the product, which indicates how well the product is absorbed into the body and how well it’s utilized.

Do Some Research

It should be clear what active ingredients are in the supplement. Do some research on how effective that ingredient is and look for scientific studies to prove it. There are regulations that companies need to follow regarding making false claims, but it’s always a good idea to do some of your own research.

Shopping for a supplement can be overwhelming, but when you look at your body’s needs, lifestyle, and other factors, you’ll be sure to find one that will enhance the quality of your life. If you have questions about what supplement is best for your needs, your doctor will be able to provide professional advice.

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vYv offers a natural supplement that contains Japanese Knotweed, grape seed extract, and CBD. The CBD in our supplement has been tested by Desert Valley Testing and you can find more information about our ingredients here. We are passionate about helping our customers live a high-quality life with as little symptoms from disease or other ailments as possible. We strive to be transparent in everything we do, so don’t hesitate to contact vYv if you have any questions.